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Volume and Open Interest

The second edition is Out of Print

     As successful traders and speculators know, the most primary
and profitable of goals is to understand what drives the market now -
and how is the smart money reacting to the market?  Filled with
figures, charts and clear, insightful examples, Volume and Open
Interest: Cutting Edge Strategies in the Futures Markets is the
definitive source for how the market sentiment is reflected
through volume and open interest indicators.

                        First edition 285 Pages - 45.00 US$    -   Several copies remaining
                          Second edition 310 Pages - 50.00 US$   - Out of Print

                             Table of Contents
Volume & Open Interest
   Chapter  1  Rationale
   Chapter  2  Volume
   Chapter  3  Open Interest
   Chapter  4  General Rule for a Healthy Trend
   Chapter  5  Why Use Total Volume, Open Interest
   Chapter  6  Developing a Disciplined Approach
   Chapter  7  Specialized Problems
   Chapter  8  Idiosyncrasies
   Chapter  9  Specific Market Behavior
   Chapter 10  Commitments of Traders Report
   Chapter 11  Support and Resistance
   Chapter 12  Use by Forex Dealers
   Chapter 13  Case Studies
   Chapter 14  How to Obtain the Data
   Chapter 15  Looking Ahead Toward 24-hr Trading
   Chapter 16  Practical Exercises
   Appendix A  Glossary
   Appendix B  Historical Overview
                             Appendix C  Basis
                             Appendix D  Mathematically Detrending O.I.
                             Appendix E  Reporting Levels
                             Appendix F  Seasonal Trends
                             Appendix G  Daily Trading Reports (Samples)

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