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CHARTWATCH Video is now available in DVD digital format

Technical Analysis and Charting Course

     A set of six high quality video tapes  (now on DVD) comprise an in-depth
explanation of classical bar charting. The historical
illustrations utilized are all futures charts, but the theory is
equally applicable to any freely traded market.

The approximately six-hour presentation was recorded in a
classroom setting. A thorough discussion of classical bar chart
analysis is presented.  The series is designed to provide all the
information necessary to construct a disciplined approach to
trading.  Where to enter a position, how to obtain measuring
objectives, where to place stop-loss orders are examined in

The tapes are priced individually below or at 350.00 US$ for the
set of six (a 45 $ savings).  Also available in PAL format, but
only as a complete set.

1)  Bar Chart Construction (43 min)                     45.00 US$

2)  Volume & Open Interest Interpretation (89 min)      95.00

3)  Reversal Formations (90 min)                        90.00

4)  Continuation Patterns (50 min)                      60.00

5)  Gap Theory  (56 min)                                60.00

6)  Minor Trend Change Indicators (32 min)              45.00

                       Cost of Complete Set of Six     350.00 US$


Three additional videos are available from CHARTWATCH:

Elliott Wave Principle and Classical Bar Charting

(60 min)
The Elliott Wave Principle is an esoteric but important subset of technical analysis. Ken Shaleen shows how to combine the disciplines of Elliott Wave with classical bar charting. Triangle and Wedge patterns are examined in detail as well as channeling techniques. This video demonstrates how a technical trader can substantially increase the reliablility of a wave count and more profitably predict the extent of bar chart measuring objectives. Cost 60.00 US$

GLOBEX & Technical Analysis

(80 min)
The advent of GLOBEX has raised many questions regarding how to take into account price action that does not occur during regular futures open outcry trading hours. This 80 minute video tape contains practical ideas on when, where and how to obtain, organize and use price, volume and open interest data from GLOBEX dealing. The tape was produced when the Chicago Board of Trade was part of GLOBEX. Now this exchange has its own electronic trading, called Project A. The ideas presented are equally applicable to project A. These include gap theory, support & resistance, and minor trend change indicators. How GLOBEX affects the types of orders used and basic trading strategy is also discussed. With this video a trader or dealer will have gained insights into how to technically handle financial instrument which are traded 24 hours a day. Cost 50.00 US$

Technical Analysis of Stock Index Futures

(83 minutes)

Ken Shaleen's presentation to the members of the Chicago Board of Trade, September 23, 1997
in preparation for the launch of Dow Jones Futures.


Arithmetic vs. Logarithmic price scales
Technical Reliability Spectrum of futures contracts
Comparison of H&S Top on IBM and Double Top on S&P 500
S&P 500 Stock Index Futures - before and after the "crash of 1987"
The Rising Wedge as a bearish continuation pattern
Case study: Head & Shoulders Bottom - Dow Jones chart, Nov 1990
Charts of S&P 100, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, DAX, CAC-40, FTSE-100
Implied volatility vs price in stock index futures
Detrending total open interest in a cash settled future
Seasonal Trends in Volume and Open Interest
Analzying the Commitments of Traders report

                                            Cost   90.00 US$

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